ChrisMoyerChristian Financial Growth was founded and created by Chris Moyer to provide education about personal finances and the economy in a Christian perspective. In 2015, many Americans including Christians are living pay check to pay check, with little or no money saved up for emergencies. Financial difficulties place untold stress on marriages and families. Debt is making it difficult for people to get ahead financially. Many Americans are uncertain as to the condition and future of the American economy. Here at Christian Financial Growth, we are promoting and providing the necessary tools and information for people to take personal responsibility for their finances. We are also sorting out and providing explanations as to what is happening with the economy.

While it is Biblical for Christians to work to earn money to provide for their families, we also place great emphasis on serving God at Christian Financial Growth. Ultimately, we want Christians to be able to improve their financial situation to free up time, money, energy, and attention for serving God. We strongly believe that serving God has eternal benefits, whereas financial wealth is only temporary. Christian organizations, churches, and missionaries are in need of financial support and volunteers. We are working to equip Christians with the necessary tools and information to take action in serving God.

Our society is saturated with information regarding money and the economy. We have designed Christian Financial Growth to be a valuable go to resource for Christians and anyone else seeking the truth regarding money and the economy.

Here is additional information about Chris Moyer, the founder of Christian Financial Growth.

Chris Moyer is an author, educator, real estate investor, and entrepreneur. Chris has a Bachelor of Science degree in Supervision and Management from Florida Southwestern University (formerly Edison State University). He is a member of Golden Key International Honor Society and Omicron Delta Epsilon, which is the international honor society for economics. Chris has previously supervised in various capacities, including one position that oversaw approximately 80 employees. Chris volunteers at his local church, as well as some Christian and missionary organizations. In his spare time, he likes reading, running, and cycling as well as playing the piano and organ. Although he studies a wide array of topics, his favorite topics to read and study about are the Bible, economics, history, and leadership. Recently, Chris Moyer became a bestselling author of “Business Leader Success,” in which he advocates the need for financial education. He currently resides in Southwest Florida.